Stephanie Schirm

STEPHANIE SCHIRM is an accomplished, fine artist, apparel designer, and fashion illustrator. Inspired by the variability and curvaceousness of the human form—and equipped with a fearlessly vivid palette—Schirm expresses her signature aesthetic through a variety of media, industries, channels, and contexts. The dynamic tension between how her work looks (bright, sensual, kinetic, elemental) and feels (soothing, ethereal, meandering, enigmatic) gives it unusually broad appeal, from churches and galleries to retailers and manufacturers.

In addition to her work as an artist, designer, and illustrator, Schirm is a seasoned creative executive. As the one-time owner and operator of an apparel line, she quickly learned how to manage vendors and suppliers, clients and employees, finances and operations, logistics and fulfilment—skills that quickly and successfully transferred to the worlds of team management, production supervision, quality assurance, and sales-force training.

Last but not least, Schirm is a passionate, committed, and tireless advocate, educator, and organizer for the arts. Whether inspiring young children to express themselves through paint and brush… or as the instructor of a college-level fashion-illustration course… or with theatrical producers on a historically accurate staging… her ability to explain and demonstrate style, technique, process, and methodology makes her a valuable asset to art programming offered by charitable, educational, liturgical, and institutional organisations.


PHONE: 647-261-7055